Fake NID Card Maker [Unlock any Facebook ID]

Hello friends, this is fake nid card maker tool. we are providing this tool only for helping purpose. With the help of this fake id card, you will be able to unlock your Facebook id that has been locked by Facebook.

Have fun using our fake nid maker! Fake id do not work as real ids and cannot substitute real licenses at all. Our website never offers fake ids for sale or any kind of license authentication services at all.

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No ID, No Entry! Every Bangladeshi goes through the same trouble getting into these venues due to the strict policy of identity check. It’s extremely frustrating when you are turned away from entering somewhere. That you know you can afford just because of this stupid rule.

How to get a fake nid card?

Nid is a very important identity document of Bangladesh. But you can easily get a national ID card made in three steps by using our fake ID Card Maker. To use that you need to add photo and edit your information. Then, click on “submit” button and your ID card will be available for download.

How to make fake nid card?

To make a fake nid card, you must fill-up the blank feild with a photo of your face, your address, your name and date of birth. After then you need click on “Submit” button. In a second, you will get your ID.

One last tip: Take two pictures for your ID instead of one. If one is blurry or unclear, there will be another option to choose from when printing.

How to unlock Facebook ID by a fake ID card?

There are numerous ways through which you can unlock your Facebook account. One of them is by using a fake id card. Just submit this id card in the contact form of Facebook and wait at least 12 hours. Within the time, Facebook will check your documents and will unlock your FB ID.

Best bd fake id card maker tool

BD fake nid card maker is a tool that allows you to create a fake id by providing only your name and address with photos. When you enter your data, it will automatically fill out all of your information for you. I am warning you to don’t use it in aby illigal purpose.

Hope you liked it. Be sure to share it with your friend. Stay healthy and be happy in your journey. See you in another tool.